Bout me

            Sup.  I live in Palo Alto, CA which is near San Franciso.  I am 14 and I go to JLS for school.  I've been riding for a while and just quit racing a month or two ago because it sucks.  I now just ride at reasonably weak PA riding spotsand larger local spots.  I ride street at Stanford University which is pretty good, then I also ride at a local skatepark which dosent let bikes in but nobody (but haters) care so its alright.  NOr cups and Tea cups are some sick trails in nearby south San Jose.  And both of them are within a block of the San Jose Ramp club which is like the only skate park around that lets bikes in and is without question the best around along with our local one(which is actually hella popular).  I now have a Hoffman Evel Kinevel which is  a SICK bike.  I just got after I recently cracked my Mongoose Fuzz near the head tube.  There are surprisingly alot of riders in my town too.  I'm too lazy to count them so I'll just say there are alot.  My friend Jonny just competed in the contest at the Ramp Club(Nor Cal 5)and placed 5th in amateur.  It sucks because he actually did good enough to place 1st or 2nd.  He did a 360 table, a 360 X-up and a no footed can-can to a one handed no footer.  He pulled it all hella sick too.  The guy who got 2nd did a  turndown, a good no footed can-can and a truckdriver which he put his foot down on.  It sucks they favored the locals but thats ok.  Soon enough it will be on ESPN or Crank so you can see him. Thats all, so just browse around and mail me pics.